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legal name aurora valentina castillo aka rori, ro date of birth + age december 24th, 1995 + 19 hometown seabrook, texas residence kellogg's lofts #222 relationship status lone wolf occupation student + waitress education bsn @ umich (class of 2018)
aurora "rori" valentina castillo is the only child of esteban and marisol castillo (a dentist and a nurse, respectively). born in seabrook, texas, rori was a gift that had been four years in the making due to the couple's difficulty conceiving. as a child, rori was mostly catered to in the sense that she always had what she needed but still had instilled in her manners and a basic sense of respect. being the "miracle child" had its drawbacks though; her parents often appeared overprotective and sought to keep her on a steady path to success with no time for hiccups. she wasn't a hermit living in seclusion by any means but her parents did keep an eye on who she was spending her time with and kept a strict curfew schedule. rori typically managed to sneak out of her window and over to her best friend's house at least twice a week just to have late night chats and watch dumb movies. she certainly wasn't oblivious to their motives and knew that they were simply doing what they believed to be in her best interest. however, once she graduated high school, she no longer wanted to be the girl that was constantly being viewed under a magnifying glass. when her cousin suggested that rori join her in ann arbor, she originally seesawed on packing up and leaving the rest of her family so far behind. however, when she was offered an athletic scholarship at the university of michigan, she took it as a sign of what she was meant to do. rori accepted her offer at umich and made the move within weeks of her high school graduation. in ann arbor for just over a year now, she's still learning about all of the things the city has to offer in between balancing classes and her job.

rori began playing soccer through the bay area youth soccer association when she was five and immediately fell in love. she has also tried her hand at softball and dedicated nine years to gymnastics and tumbling. through it all, soccer is the one sport she has never even considered walking away from. without fail, she made the team every year throughout her junior high and high school careers. her unwavering dedication was rewarded with an athletic scholarship from UMICH that allowed her to venture out on her own and kept her busy until her injury.

late in the 2014 soccer season, rori ended up in a brutal pileup on the field that left her having to be carried onto the sidelines. after a thorough - and excruciating, if you ask her - examination and subsequent trip to the emergency room, it was determined that she had a severely torn anterior cruciate ligament which required arthroscopic surgery and a short stint in physical therapy. while her knee is now fairly stable, the injury essentially ended her soccer career. the phone call to her parents, along with the discussion with her coach, still stands out as one the saddest moments of her life. luckily, her parents understood that she wanted to continue the new life that she had started in the northeast and, after many heartfelt conversations, agreed to go back to texas without her and pick up the bill for her tuition once her scholarship was moot.

moving to michigan originally left rori with a mild case of culture shock. it wasn't that she didn't like her new home - she loved it immediately - it was just... different. as someone who had spent her entire life in texas, the first winter in ann arbor offered her a harsh reality. besides the need for no more than a light jacket during the fall season, she will forever miss the abundance of fried foods that were readily available back home.

was raised catholic and grew up in a very religious household - mass every sunday, celebrating the holy days, and prayers before every meal. in all actuality, rori isn't very religious at all and only complied with her parents rules out of respect. she doesn't judge anyone that does have strong ties to religion, after all, it's their choice and they have a right to say what they do or don't believe in. over the years, she just realized that she disagreed with more policies than she agreed with and calling herself a catholic just because she showed her face before a priest didn't really make sense.

rori is currently well on her way to becoming a second generation nurse. growing up, she frequently hung onto her mother's every word as marisol recounted both funny and horrifying stories from her shifts. always particularly gifted in her knowledge and understanding of the biological sciences, it has been assumed since her junior high days that she would follow in her mother's footsteps. luckily, she truly does have a passion for the occupation and has just entered her sophomore year in the bsn program at UMICH.

there are only two things that rori truly hates: judgmental people and brussel sprouts, the later making her gag at any mention of them. she is a firm believer in people doing whatever makes them happy because life is too short for anyone to be miserable and, in her eyes, the judgmental zealots of the world do nothing but make others miserable and bring about self-loathing. after spending far too long worried about what others thought of her every move, she has adopted what she refers to as a "zero fucks given" policy - if you aren't important to her, she doesn't care what you you think.

rori has never allowed her small stature to hold her back. at 5'2", she's a walking dynamo, filled to the brim with sass, and has no problem standing up to someone a full head and shoulders taller than her. she does have a bit of a quick temper though she is - mostly - able to reign it in and redirect her anger into a snappy comeback rather than fully unleashing her wrath. holding grudges comes easy for her and passive-aggressive statements make regular appearances. one very large downside to this is that she has been known to lash out on some poor unsuspecting soul in passing by and then spends copious amounts of time feeling guilty about treating them that way when they clearly did nothing to deserve it.

suffering from only child syndrome, rori can, at times, appear as mildly self-centered and hates being passed over. she does like to be recognized for her accomplishments though she tends to brush them off in faux-bashfullness so that she doesn't appear as an attention seeker. she isn't "me, me, me" all the time, but she certainly does have moments where the urge to call attention to herself is strong.

rori isn't out of control by any means, but she does like to enjoy herself. she lives by the mantra "work hard, play harder" and her fake id gets a pretty thorough workout on the weekends. despite the catholic guilt impressed upon her during her adolescence, rori has no issue with casual hookups, though she does not actively seek them. if it happens, it happens, and that's the end of that.

while rori wants a dog of her own more than anything, her busy schedule means that a fluffy little treasure of her own just isn't in the cards right now. in order to appease her dog-envy, she currently volunteers for a local dog rescue by helping out at adoption events and cuddling them all into submission.
WHICH APARTMENT COMPLEX DO YOU LIVE IN? firmly ensconced in kellogg's lofts, living the good life in unit 222. you can't miss it, it's the one that looks like guillermo del toro's brain threw up all over it. enter at your own risk, the guard cat will decide your fate.
WHEN DID YOU MOVE IN? i moved in during july 2014 so i've officially earned my one-year survivor token now.
WHERE ARE YOU ORIGINALLY FROM? i'm originally from seabrook, texas which is a little waterfront town south of houston. if you're ever in the galveston bay area, make a pit stop. i promise it's worth it.
WHY DID YOU MOVE HERE? i moved here on a soccer scholarship at umich. that got cut short but i really wanted to stick around and have an adventure outside of texas so here i am.
WHO DO YOU LIVE WITH? i live with my friend, anna, and her cute little furball. it was super lucky that she just so happened to be looking for a roommate when i moved here so that i didn't end up stuck in a dorm room with some weird chick that gave me the heebies.
WHAT KIND OF NEIGHBOR ARE YOU? a good one? i don't even know how to answer that. besides yelling spanglish profanities when i walk into a table in the middle of the night, i think i'm a pretty chill person to live near. i share my food, dogsit for free, and never judge your early-morning clothing choices. are you really going to find someone better than that? c'mon now.
la familia
esteban papá; dentist - 50
marisol (née villanueva) mamá; nurse - 49
guillermo paternal abuelo - 76
soledad paternal abuela - 73
héctor maternal abuelo - 74
hilaria maternal abuela - 74
milo beloved family dog - 12
astrology info
zodiac sagittarius-capricorn cusp
celtic zodiac stag/deer
celtic tree birch
myers-briggs enfj-a
enneagram type 8 w/a 7 wing
★ chronic emoji abuser with no intention of backing down.
★ despite her small size, rori can and will attempt to eat someone out of house and home. her stomach is essentially a black hole and she has no issues stuffing her face in front of anyone in any situation.
★ hates cucumbers but loves pickles, especially of the fried variety.
★ does suffer from insomnia and typically ends up sitting on the couch with a snack at 2am watching adult swim.
★ absolutely cannot study without some type of background noise. total quiet distracts rori more than anything as it causes her to focus on every tiny little creak and ruffle of papers. thanks to this, she hates trying to study in libraries and can be found instead in the middle of a cafe or in her room with the music turned up if she needs to focus.
★ a product of her texan upbringing, she still says y'all and greets everyone she meets with a smile.
★ the only black and white movie that she has ever watched all the way through is it's a wonderful life.
★ animal cruelty commercials immediately turn her into a puddle of tears. critters of the fluffy variety are her biggest weakness and she has been known to refuse to watch a movie because the dog dies.
★ halloween is, inarguably, her favorite holiday.
★ has been known to hold a grudge but is working on better applying the forgive and forget principle.
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